Independent Living Services

Adult Day Health (ADH) focuses on training and expanding the basic living skills of the individual. The goal is to help the individual gain independence and acceptance in their home and community. Training areas can include: mobility, expressive language, money, reading, writing, grooming, domestic skills and 13 other skill areas. Our ADH program operates Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. A morning snack, lunch and transportation to and from the facility is included.

Kau Activity/Service Center was created in January 2008 when the Arc of Kona received a very generous donation of two homes in Ocean View, District of Kau. One of these homes is used for four independent living units and the other serves as an Activity Center to support Participants with disabilities living in Kau. Therapeutic skill training and behavorial supports are the main activities, much as the Adult Day Health Classroom in Kealakekua.

Personal Assistance/Habilitation (PAB) helps the Participant with daily living skills such as bathing, cooking, eating, and dressing as well as other necessary skills as they pertain to each Participant. The individual is also supported by being a part of local community activities. Caregivers are trained to provide supports specified by the individual and their family. Hours are variable and approved by the Department of Health Case Manager. Plans are written to specific needs.

Residential Program/Domiciliary Home serves the needs of five adults with developmental disabilities. This setting allows for training in habitation skills and those skills which non-disabled persons take for granted such as: cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and socializing appropriately. The goal is to help residents achieve their maximum capacity to live outside an institutional setting. A Department of Health Central Intake Worker determines eligibility for services.

Career Development and Training

Employment Network (EN) accepts all Social Security beneficiaries who want to return to work without charge. It is certified by the Social Security Administration and offers help identifying job goals, creating a plan to reach those goals, resume development, effective job search and follow-up to keep the job.

Job Placement and Retention (JPR) is generally considered a “train then place” program concerned with preparing individuals for employment. Services include: assessing an individual’s skills; identifying the areas that need improvement and training in those areas; teaching effective job search skills and interviewing; developing job opportunities; and providing support to insure the individual’s successful adaptation to employment so that they can retain their position.

Supported Employment (SE) serves the most severely disabled individuals to help them secure competitive employment in the community. The program is generally considered a “place then train”; program where all relevant issues are attended to in the employment phases. Training can include: one on one job coaching by the Arc of Kona’s Job Coach and employer; specific work skills at the work site; on going counseling; social skills necessary to adjust to the work situation; independent living skills.

Vocational Work Adjustment Services supports people who need pre-vocational training and job skills; how to prepare to go to work, work expectations, resume writing, presentation and taking directions.

Arc of Kona Enterprises reinforces vocational training by providing “real work for real pay.” Participants work on various crews and earn paychecks while refining their skills. The enterprises are: Janitorial and Yard Maintenance jobs in the community, and Food Service at the facility.


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